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Secrets between Mom and the Kid

Today, a parenting tip for you.

Sometimes, when you are talking to a friend or relative, and the children do not want you to share some of their stories with them. We are unaware, and start narrating. The child wants you to stop, but cannot say so in front of your friends.

Well, we have decided a strategy for these kind of situations. The trick is that the kid would try to divert your attention by saying a PRE-DECIDED code word; and when it is said you understand the request and divert the topic immediately.

The code could be like “Mommy, where are my goggles”; or “Mommy, I am hungry”. The code should be unique to you and your child. The code can work in reverse too- meaning, you can also ask the child to stop narrating the incident you don’t want your friends to know about! 😊

It’s a way to build trust with your child; and communicate even when in front of someone.

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